Cash for Junk Cars

You may have never heard this phrase before, “Get rid of your junk car and save the environment.” But with our company, this phrase could never be more true. We will buy your old car, your non-running car, your running car in good condition and more. Simply put, we buy cars, any cars.
Junk Cars

If you have an old junk car laying around the yard or driveway, we will buy that from you. We will even haul it away ourselves. If that restoration you wanted to do years ago no longer is a possibility, then sell us your car.

Running Cars
We also buy cars in perfectly good condition. We will pay you top dollar for it too. Give us a call and we will come out and quote you a price with no obligation to sell. Consider our offer over any dealership trade-in or private party sale and you will find our price can probably beat theirs.

Worry Free
We have all the paperwork for you to sign. We will haul away your car. The only thing we won’t do is tell you how to spend the big money we will be paying you for your car. Don’t worry about cleaning it, fixing it up or repairing it, we will buy the car from you ” As Is.”

Do You Need the Extra Cash?
Times have been hard lately and you may need some extra cash quickly. Selling your car the old fashioned way takes too long and costs you too much money to prep the car for sale. Convert your old car into some much needed cash today. Avoid expensive payday loans or awkward situations when borrowing from friends or family.

Every Part Counts
We can help save the environment by recycling everything we can from your old car. There are many hazardous materials in your junk car that will need proper disposal or recycling. We will do all of that and you can feel good about helping to do your part by having us buy your car.
Get top dollar for your junk car and give us a call today.


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