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Cash For Cars offers a simple way to sell an unwanted car. Save your money on costly ads and don’t waste your time fielding the subsequent phone inquiries. Don’t bother having strangers visit your home and haggle over the price after wasting two hours of your evening or weekend. At Cash For Cars, we’ll gladly take any make or model off your hands and offer you top dollar. No ads, no haggling, no stress.

Whether you are trying to sell a brand new car, or a 1980′s beater, we will buy it! Running or not, doesn’t matter. If you’re not sure what to do with a vehicle that no longer passes the smog test, or has major mechanical issues, sell it to us. We go over every vehicle carefully, ensuring that it meets the highest quality standards. As an environmentally conscious company, Cash For Cars strives to reduce the air pollutants that cause known health problems. All vehicles we purchase must pass a rigorous check-list of mechanical bullet-points. If they do not, we properly dispose of them, ensuring that they do not add to our planet’s over-burdened atmosphere.

Air pollution from cars, trucks and SUV’s are known for causing:

-Respiratory problems, including inflammation of the lung tissue and decreased lung capacity

-Increases the risk of developing a cancer that can lead to death

-Contributes to birth defects

-Harms blood vessels and reduces oxygen to body tissue

-Impairs the body’s immune system (e.g. can greatly increase the risk of children developing asthma and other types of suppressed immune system diseases)

The impact on our planet includes the following:

-Carbon dioxide, the main gas released from vehicle exhaust, traps heat, leading to global warming

-Nitrous oxides are a leading cause of acid rain, which can kill plants and animals

-All of the gasses created by cars lead to the continued thinning of our planet’s atmosphere

Considering that carbon dioxide emissions caused by cars and trucks in the United States alone is over one million tons per day, our company takes its responsibility very seriously. Helping the environment and reducing our carbon footprint is one of our top priorities.

Effects on the ozone are not only caused by failing emission systems. Car batteries and tires also have a negative effect. Car batteries include lead, a known poison to humans which can lead to many different types of health issues. About 10% of particles from worn out car tires makes its way into the air we breathe. These particles are known for causing lung damage.

We strive to make the process of selling your car to us as simple and as stress free as possible. We realize the hassles involved and have created a system that is quick, easy and worthwhile to our customers. We will offer you top dollar for your vehicle and will take care of all the details- from transfer of ownership to pick up for vehicles located in other states.

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